Thursday, July 2, 2009

You are viewing the NEW AND IMPROVED WI-FI SUPER SIGNAL SCOOPER NETWORK ADAPTER ANTENNA! This product is the solution to all your Wi-Fi connection problems!

This product is COMPLETELY PLUG AND PLAY! Just plug it into your available USB on you desktop or laptop – point it in any direction – and watch all the available networks come beaming right into your computer.

The Wi-Fi SUPER SIGNAL SCOOPER ACHIEVES WELL OVER A HALF MILE OF RECEPTION AND ON AVERAGE BRINGS IN THE INTERNET AT OVER 24-36 mps AT ONE HALF MILE! I have often surfed at speeds up to 56 MPS while sitting in a basement apartment surrounded by thick concrete walls!

The Wi-Fi SUPER SIGNAL SCOOPER can be used indoors or outdoors. All parts are made to withstand weather conditions anywhere.

THIS IS THE ONLY NETWORK ADAPTER YOU WILL EVER NEED. Forget DSL, Cable, or Dial-up – The Wi-Fi SUPER SIGNAL SCOOPER will find any available network, connect you to it, and let you surf the internet at blazing speeds never before possible with regular network adapters.

The Wi-Fi SUPER SIGNAL SCOOPER is completely portable and comes apart into three separate sections within seconds – folds flat, and will fit into virtually any laptop case for easy portability and convenience!

The Wi-Fi SUPER SIGNAL SCOOPER folds down to three separate sections. The Scooper section folds to 2” thick and is 6 “ round – the tripod stand folds down to 4” and the special network adapter with dual antennas is only 2 ½ “ long. Completely assembled with the legs extended and the scooper shield unfolded, the dimensions are 11” tall with the scooper section 8” across. PERFECT SIZE! The USB cord attached is 5 feet to allow plenty of room for placement of the unit.

This is the only product that you will need for connectivity to the internet. Forget those big and bulky antenna or those futuristic looking directional antenna booster/adapters! Just plug in The Wi-Fi SUPER SIGNAL SCOOPER and INSTANTLY CONNECT AND SURF THE INTERNET AT BLAZING SPEEDS – FOR FREE!

Ordering this product, you will receive The Wi-Fi SUPER SIGNAL SCOOPER complete package which includes all parts, installation disk, instructional booklet, and support information. This product will be shipped directly to your confirmed shipping address by USPS priority mail within 2-3 business days of receiving cleared payment through pay pal.


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